Private COVID Vaccine

Private COVID Vaccine

Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine XBB 1.5 - Available Now

Claygate Pharmacy is delighted to be among the first UK Pharmacies to offer Covid-19 vaccinations privately, having campaigned to do this ever since vaccines were no longer in short supply. We now have good supplies of the latest Pfizer XBB 1.5 Covid-19 vaccine.

We wholeheartedly endorse the NHS Covid vaccination programme, with our teams having been actively engaged with the program since its inception. NHS vaccination is now directed at those most at risk from Covid complications.

However, coronavirus infection remains a hazard for us all, and many other people also wish to be protected. Protection can be especially important for those keen to avoid illness abroad, people in key occupations, and anyone in close contact with vulnerable friends and relatives.

Private Covid vaccination is important for:

Travel and leisure:

  • Respiratory infection is 6 times more likely when travelling, and Covid is no exception.
  • People who travel have less access to diagnosis, medical care and treatment, so prevention is even more important

Protecting family and friends:

  • Many of us have elderly or vulnerable family and friends but are not eligible for NHS vaccination ourselves – we need to protect them.

Occupation and employment:

  • If you work in close contact with the public or in healthcare, you are more likely to become infected, and can spread infection more easily to others.
  • If you work in a critical role or close-knit team, your health matters for those around you. For example, in September 2023, a minor Covid outbreak among air traffic controllers resulted in travel chaos and major disruption. It’s vital to help those in key roles to stay healthy.



Our goal is to make Covid vaccination as affordable as possible.

Our initial price is £95 per dose.

Call us on 01372 466116 or email to book your appointment.